Know About US



Welcome to Hyljes Golf Club, where the love for golf meets the spirit of camaraderie!
Hyljes Golf Club was established in 2022 by six close friends and golf enthusiasts. It is not just a club; it's a celebration of life, fun and the shared passion for the game - community built on friendship and unforgettable adventures.
At the heart of our club are six individuals who believe in the simple joys of life— friendship, fun, exceptional culinary experiences and the thrill of golf. Though hailing from diverse professional backgrounds, our members are united by a common set of values that extend beyond the golf course.

Unforgettable Golfing Experiences:

Each season, we embark on a journey across the globe, playing on some of the best courses that the world has to offer. Our competition calendar is meticulously curated, promising not just challenging rounds of golf but also unforgettable moments that become stories for a lifetime. We believe in creating memories that resonate through generations, forging a legacy that goes beyond the fairways.

Join the Celebration:

To ensure the thriving exclusivity of our unique spirit, we've instituted a discerning membership process. Prospective members must garner the approval of at least three existing members, individuals who intimately understand what makes Hyljes Golf Club exceptional. This exclusive endorsement ensures that every new member aligns with our core values, contributing to the vibrant and extraordinary atmosphere that defines our club.
Discover the joy of golfing with kindred spirits at Hyljes Golf Club—where passion, friendship, and the love for the game converge on and off the course.